Elegant Glass Stair Railing

Elegant Glass Stair Railing

Glass stair railing is looking shiny and sleek with modern design and style. It is for certain in featuring good quality of home stair especially indoor. Handrails for stairs play roles as safety value that indeed can be very decorative in featuring good home design. A staircase is the home centerpiece. It does serve a function as a large architectural feature while also significantly contributes to the homes style in overall way. Therefore, the stair components choice constructed on glass material can be a good way to give your commercial property home a whole new look and even to further enhance the available style. A staircase is comprised and most simply the balustrade and the steps.

The balustrade consists of banister, handrail and the newels. They are the larger supports since the beginning until the end. The most popular handrails are ones made of glass that most attractive option in modern contemporary home trends. The glass is very durable with long life to perfectly match modern stylish home decorating ideas. Glass handrails for the stairs are a very frequent choice and favorite among the others. There are different glasses on the market to become your references.


Handrails especially for the round glass rails are available just with or without a plow. Circular and curved stairways are going to need more specific handrails at high values. What about combining both wood and glass? For instance, you can have wooden stairs with glass handrail to create bright and fresh look. I have uploaded some of the best pictures for you, check them out!

 Photos of the Elegant Glass Stair Railing

Glass Stair Railing Contemporary

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