Creative Stair Parts

Stair parts – You should have to plan about the basic parts when it comes to reconstructing or renovating the stairs in your home. This is meant for easier installation if you are with knowledge about the basic parts of stairs. And who might know that you could even create a creative design of stair. Having a conversation with the professional will get you some more inspiring ideas to become plans for a DIY stair reconstruction or renovation. What are the basic parts of stair? Here are the following parts that might inspire you a bit.

Stair treads – You always step on them and they are the most abused part of any stairs. You can have them decorated with finishes or carpets. Such things are also meant for the protection at the same time. Hand railings – You really have to know about this one which functions as protection for us from slipping and falling down. Metal or wood, the railings should be installed sturdily and strongly. Baluster – This one does also feature a protection for you. Protection and design are featured by the baluster. Baluster holds handrail, so without it, the hand rails cannot be installed.

Stainless cable railings have become most favorite to many stair builders. This is because of the cheap, low maintenance and easy to work as well. Versatility is also offered to make sure about good quality of stair design simply yet very significantly.

 Photos of the Creative Stair Parts


Unique Stair Railing Styles

Stair railing at home is should be more than just simple but make sure to create an extension with your personal taste in decoration. You can simply use ornamental parts that can be made of iron, wood and other materials. Make sure about easy installation that can significantly increase your home value at the same time. Stair railings are probably the first thing that people can see when they come in. Well, you can build the design at high value of elegance and indeed functionality. In order to be able in creating the unique design of railing for stairs, you can choose to have wood stairs.

Oak wood is best wooden material to make stair railing. Railing has always become the most considerable part in any stair no matter what materials and designs. Railings on the stairs are meant to provide security when going up and down the stairs. Well, holding up the staircase balustrade is another function of the stair railing. Unique wood railings add charm, soft and grace. Wood is also durable and strong that never goes out of style. The oak wood is used generally to build the stairs in the traditional commercial buildings like office buildings, libraries and houses.

Smooth and perfect color that compliment overall space decor in the inside will be just interesting. The wooden stair railings offer really smooth and elegant design of home interior decorating. Well, safe and functional are must have first and making the railings beautiful is the nest project. Just be creative to make a very unique design of railings for stair at high value of elegance and durability.

Photos of the Unique Stair Railing Styles


Metal Stair Railing Ideas

Metal stair railing comes in any style to compliment both inside and outside of your home. Many advantages are offered to make a better quality of stair. Adding stairs by choosing metal material is certainly an interesting pick. There are wide choices you have and to do with metal railings for stair. You also have the opportunity to have intricate patterns into the railings. Well, you can do this without any strength loss to your railings. Many different optional metal colors will make sure that there is no problem matching it to your home decor. Metal does great in retaining color a lot better than most of the available materials. You also have many choices from the color that brightest to the subdued.

Metal is a wonderful product because of its long lasting qualities. Metal can actually outlast the building that it is used in. You can also find that metal does not require any maintenance which exactly what makes it that much more wonderful. Unlike wood, there is nothing to do with metal. No matter about how long it is installed, you will always find it really awesome. You can have metal to be repaired if it becomes necessary. You can just do it by welding metal together or by adding another piece. Even though you have a little knowledge about welding, you can always do it yourself.

Metal stair railings are offered in many kids like pipe railings. Well, these are found in industrial places usually. Metal pipes can be used to make many interesting design at high value of elegance of home stair railing. However, if you would like to have the more traditional look, then small iron rods for stair railings will do this for you.

Photos of the Metal Stair Railing Ideas


Top Full over Full Bunk Beds with Stairs

Full over full bunk beds with stairs feature space saver and security to add a bedroom handsome design of furniture piece at high ranked. You can simply step up the style while also getting the security that stairs have to make a better bedroom especially ones with small spaces. The stairs can be positioned

either on the left or the right side of the bunks. Additionally, take a look at all the storage space that is specially built right into the stairs. If there is no enough storage for you, then optional underbed storage in form of drawers are also offered. An optional full over full bunk beds with trundle and stairs are also offered if you require additional space for sleeping.


The full over full bunk beds includes both top and bottom, Euro-slats with 2 guardrails, and stairway with built in storage drawers. They are amazingly built in Eco-friendly solid hardwood in an antique finish of walnut just like what you can see on the image gallery. There are also available in a caramel and crisp white finish with 58-1/2W x 103L x 69H.


These are top designs that available on the market. Twin over Twin Stairway Bunk Beds at $1535.00, Twin over Full Stairway Bunk Beds at $1675.00, Underbed Storage Drawers at $275.00 and Twin Pullout Trundle at $275.00.

Photos of the Top Full over Full Bunk Beds with Stairs


Bunk Beds for Kids with Stairs Pictures Ideas

 We have best pictures that shall inspire you about bunk beds for kids with stairs. Aren’t they great valued to small shared kids’ room? We bet they do! White bunk beds with stairs have some beneficial features beside of just filling rooms. Small bedrooms can be made into better spaces simply yet significantly. White is elegant. White is beautiful. White is neutral for a versatile color applicable into rooms. Bunk beds in white are for granted in adding beauty and functionality into your room simply yet quite at significant rank.


Twin bunk beds with stairs in white are best for small shared bedrooms. There are options in finishes, designs, styles and prices that you can choose based on your own preferences. Safety concerns in form of guard rails, stability, mattress and ladder. The color in white does also play quite important roles. More space saver is offered with white trundle design which indeed awesome with modern contemporary styles. Bunk beds with stairs in white for twin with trundle contain a small style of staircase instead that allows easy accessing the upper bunks.


Small twin kids’ bedrooms are amazing with these designs. Kids prefer bunk beds because of space saver and unique in becoming small bedroom decorating. Several reasons for this interesting designs and ideas depend on the needs of the buyers. White will make sure in giving room with neutral gender theme. We have uploaded best pictures for you. They will help in giving some inspirations before making a purchase.

 Photos of the Bunk Beds for Kids with Stairs Pictures Ideas


Outdoor Wood Stair Railing Ideas

Wood stair railing is versatile material with naturally beautiful look. When it comes to outdoor stairs, make sure about maintenance regularly for longevity of wood in resisting the weathers. Wood is easy to install for stair parts like railing and treads. There are kits that you can buy on the market. Outdoor stair railing should be strong and reliable in resisting harsh weather conditions. The ideas about systems are yours to decide, though. Small rubber carpeting for outdoor wooden stair treads are always in must to fit well. When you are about to purchase the stair treads for outdoor, there are some tips that you should have to put in mind in the effort to get best quality.

Wood durability, secure backing and visual appeal are definitely must have in the effort to make the treads become really amazing in quality. Attractive wood material that goes with your home decor is a good choice. The durability is always the very first thing that you should consider when about to purchase wood especially if you outdoor stairs are a high traffic area. Wooden material is now again taking place as one of the considerations.

Secure backing You should have to make sure that the stair treads rubber carpeting adheres securely to the step. Visual appeal – When you are installing these small rubber covering, do not just slap them down on the steps. You can do more than just expecting them to look nice and appealing visually. You can do a bit of measurement to have the rubber carpets on the stair treads finely placed. These ensure about beauty, elegance and durability along with safety of wooden outdoor stairs.

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Photos of the Outdoor Wood Stair Railing Ideas


Elegant Glass Stair Railing

Glass stair railing is looking shiny and sleek with modern design and style. It is for certain in featuring good quality of home stair especially indoor. Handrails for stairs play roles as safety value that indeed can be very decorative in featuring good home design. A staircase is the home centerpiece. It does serve a function as a large architectural feature while also significantly contributes to the homes style in overall way. Therefore, the stair components choice constructed on glass material can be a good way to give your commercial property home a whole new look and even to further enhance the available style. A staircase is comprised and most simply the balustrade and the steps.

The balustrade consists of banister, handrail and the newels. They are the larger supports since the beginning until the end. The most popular handrails are ones made of glass that most attractive option in modern contemporary home trends. The glass is very durable with long life to perfectly match modern stylish home decorating ideas. Glass handrails for the stairs are a very frequent choice and favorite among the others. There are different glasses on the market to become your references.


Handrails especially for the round glass rails are available just with or without a plow. Circular and curved stairways are going to need more specific handrails at high values. What about combining both wood and glass? For instance, you can have wooden stairs with glass handrail to create bright and fresh look. I have uploaded some of the best pictures for you, check them out!

 Photos of the Elegant Glass Stair Railing

Glass Stair Railing Contemporary

Modern Stair Railing Ideas

Find out and choose to apply ideas about systems of modern stair railing that applicable both for interior and exterior home spaces. Contemporary stair railing has quite excellent systems with reliable design in functionality, beauty and safety. Prefabricated stairs are now easily to have in your own residence. Impressive designs with custom styles are for sure just affordable on your budget. The stairs can add house decor depends on what you want to pour into design and style. It is a thing to take for granted in matter of customizable that you can choose to make much better home and living. There are modern options in materials, designs and forms to choose from but make sure in creating harmony.

Eco friendly recycled materials are for granted cheap in prices to become your fine selection. Easy installation is offered to do it yourself since of simple and will not take many times at all. Specifications and ideas are available and they are depending on your decision to make. There are also other available materials like wrought iron, fiberglass, steel, concrete, reinforced plastic, pre-cast concrete wood and many more.

You can build modern home with these stairs and costly price is not needed at all. Shapes and designs are various such as straight stairs, curved stairs, L shaped stairs and circular stairs and others. You can check on the photo gallery to find out and choose one modern stair design that meets your home in material, shape and style.

Photos of the Modern Stair Railing Ideas

Modern Stair Railing Gallery

Kids Loft Bunk Beds with Stairs and Desk

Your kids have small rooms? Try out loft bunk beds with stairs and desk that can be amazing solution for small twin bedrooms. Discounted priced of bunk beds for sale can be accessed on the online stores. Amazon and eBay shall serve your purchases including ones related to bunk beds. Full size loft bed with stairs compromises look and quality to try fit reduced size of houses these days. This will produce a peaceful and restful effect. Bunk bed is very best piece of furniture for small kids’ room. It is for sure in offering multi functional furniture to make commonly small kids’ room to become maximized simply yet quite significantly.

Flexible bunk beds with desk offer space to do works below it. You will find it really good in offering space saver and maximize your loft for twin kids’ room. The first bed can be used to store computer or music system that help you in making much better loft space enjoyable.

You can simply combine both serious and relaxation at the same time into your kids’ room. Children and parents can have bunk bed with stairs and desk in the effort to make sure about easy and comforting room that enjoyable at high ranked. Loft can also be converted into more than just with full size bunk bed but also enhancement to overall space decor. Get any sparkling ideas?

Photos of the Kids Loft Bunk Beds with Stairs and Desk


Loft Bunk Beds with Stairs for Adult
Loft Bunk Beds with Stairs Design

Exterior Stair Railings Ideas

Build your exterior stair railings with considerations about design, style and safety as most important factors for everyone’s interest. Kids and elders should be protected when it comes to building and designing your stair railings. Both interior and exterior railings for stairs are must have to mind about good quality. When it comes to exterior railings for decks, make sure about durable material to resist harsh weather conditions. There are also other parts to think about like handrails, treads, stringers, balusters and covering. Iron and wrought iron railings are best for exterior stairs. Wood is also a good choice if you apply proper and regular maintenance.

Iron stair railing for home exterior like deck and porch just like what is pictured shows progress. It significantly features clean straight lines at high value of beauty and elegance. The Lucid external wrought iron railing style features clean straight lines as I said. A very solid statement is made by Rosemont style. Each line and each this unusual wrought iron handrail element was wrought individually.

They also assembled to create this unique railing. The staircase handrail infinity design is timeless. It also compliments nearly any home design or decor. These examples of wrought iron handrail and wrought iron staircases for exterior home can be seen as larger images on this site. Exterior iron stair railings with prefabricated design are for sure very interesting in featuring better quality of strength and beauty.

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Photos of the Exterior Stair Railings Ideas

Exterior Stair Railing Metal Pattern
Exterior Stair Railing Wood